Book your Creative Portrait Session now!  Bellofoto is booking photo-shoots only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Due to high demand (and only so many weekends), please notify me with your desired booking date.

What does superior quality look like in a modern life?

Portraits are something special. These days we snap so many images on our cell phones, and then drop some pre-fabricated filter over it, and text it off to our friends and family, or upload it to social media only seconds later. Don't get me wrong, the convenience of this process has kept us in touch with each other, especially those long distance friends and family members who now get a quick sneak-peek into our lives.  Although, this by no way, replaces a professional portrait. Years from now, generations later, what will be left of you and your loved ones to see?  What prints will actually have been made with a timeless quality that echoes into the hands of future generations? This is the quality that I am offering you. With 17+ years of progressive photography experience, seamless professional editing, and the nation's highest quality lab prints; along with an adventurous spirit of creativity, that counts every detail, we are certain to compose a superior portrait.

What does preparation look like?

Each creative portrait session is unique. It begins with a consultation where we discuss prior to the photo-shoot details such as mood, location, wardrobe, hair and make-up (if needed), and even your style of home and where this portrait, or series of portraits, will be hung. Highly recommended for accurate interior design expertise, is to meet at the location where the images will ultimately be hung. What size will compliment the space? What colors are we imagining? What framing? What medium for print? What you love or hate about your face, body, personality, character or accomplishments...yes! We really get to know one another! Encouraged is also sharing any inspirational pieces that you are positively moved by. Regardless if it's a photo of a face, a couple, a home, a song, a quote, etc... All these things will be discussed to assure you get the professional advice and preparation for a successful creative portrait session.

What does the payment process look like?

Please give me a call, or email me. Let me know a little bit about you, who will be included in the photo-shoot (how many people), and what date works best for you. I'd love to go from there, and schedule your consultation. There is a consultation fee of $50 due at the initial scheduling, due to the value of these irreplaceable time-slots, in case of cancelation or no show, this fee is non-refundable. Although, these funds will be applied towards your future photo-shoot costs.  Bellofoto accepts cash, checks, most credit cards, or PayPal. Your consultation will also include: booking a date for the photo-shoot, signing the contract, and placing payment for the non-refundable retainer. Prior to, or on the day of your photo-shoot the remaining balance will be due before the photo-shoot begins. Depending on the nature of the photo-session, you will be notified when your private online gallery goes up! Usually takes about one week. You will receive a password for entry, which will allow you to see which images you favor, and are interested in having printed. When you notify me of the image #'s chosen, payment will be taken, and your order will be placed. I look forward to decorating your walls with life!

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