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If there is any peace on this earth, I believe it is inspired by beauty.  Growing up within the dense protection of the rainforest and back again to the expansive horizons of the ocean; I was nurtured by natural beauty.  Even as a young child I treasured it and desired to keep it in a safe place that would last forever...for other's or myself to see.  To preserve it's voice began by drawing what I saw...and flourished into my passion for photography... As I grew, my perception and understanding of beauty grew as well.  I have found, each one possesses within them a unique beauty that no other has to offer...It is in the honesty of this expression that I am inspired and honored as an artist.

With over 20 years of experience in wedding photography and capturing some of your most precious life moments, I believe I can offer you not only photos of your hearts desire, but a harmonious experience that echoes the ease of a well-seasoned professional.  I strive for only the highest quality, and seek new creativity in each photo-shoot.  You will appreciate the confident preparedness that accompanies many years of passion and personal growth within the realm of photography and customer service.  I look forward to meeting you!

Illuminating Your Beauty,

Amanda R. De Bello

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