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If there is any peace on this earth, I believe it is inspired by beauty.  Growing up within the dense protection of the rainforest and back again to the expansive horizons of the ocean; I was nurtured by natural beauty.  Even as a young child I treasured it and desired to keep it in a safe place that would last forever...for other's or myself to see.  To preserve it's voice began by drawing what I saw...and flourished into my passion for photography... As I grew, my perception and understanding of beauty grew as well.  I have found, each one possesses within them a unique beauty that no other has to offer...It is in the honesty of this expression that I am inspired and honored as an artist.

I still remember my first camera. A very small (tiny), white 110 film camera that fit nicely in my child-sized hands. I brought it with me everywhere. I'd say my favorite moments to catch were those when no one knew I was watching. They were focused in their element. They were lost, and yet found somewhere in the midst of just being themselves. I felt it was nothing short of perfection when the light naturally lit up the area in an aesthetically pleasing way to highlight who they were. I adored these moments. Shortly after graduating with a degree in graphic design and photography, my professional photography journey began in the wedding industry. Quite easily, I was drawn in by the romance and sincerity of love and commitment. After 17 years of attending weddings every weekend, editing nearly every day of my weeks, watching friends create families, and finally finishing my business degree; I smiled upon others' love stories. Yet, I realized my own love story looked a little different than theirs, and it was time to transition my focus to a deeper connection for me.

It was a season of tremendous challenge that caused me to realize it had been my connection with horses all along, that had brought so much joy and beauty into my own life. Which confirms the wisdom of a dear friend who once said, "It is in the darkness of adversity that your greatest gift will shine."  Without even thinking about it, I married these two passions of mine and found it was the most healing, therapeutic, creative process for me. I began envisioning and getting lost in my work again...allowing these horses' strength to carry me through, and their unique beauty to bring me peace. The creative process just began to flow. I knew it was important to me, although after a stranger commented on how my work moved them, I realized it was important to humanity as well. Horses exemplify an honesty that I believe we, as humans, have a difficult time expressing...they unveil the truth and have the ability to be our mouth-piece without words.

With over 20 years of experience in wedding photography, over 30 years of equestrian experience, and capturing some of your most precious life moments, I believe I can offer you not only photos of your hearts desire, but a harmonious experience that echoes the ease of a well-seasoned professional.  As an artist, I strive for only the highest quality, and seek connection and new creativity in each photo-shoot.  You will appreciate the confident preparedness that accompanies many years of passion and personal growth within the realm of photography and customer service.  I look forward to meeting you!

Illuminating Beauty,

Amanda R. De Bello

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